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Coorporation Partners
Athens, Greece, DAK, IHK, "Arbeitskreis Schule Wirtschaft e.V." ("Work Group School Economy Association")

Project Targets
MobiPro-EU is a funding programme of the employment agency in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The program funds German language courses for young Europeans between 18 and 27 years and introduces them to the German dual vocational education. Thus, the programme contributes to decrease the skilled worker shortage in Germany and the youth unemployment in Europe.


  • Offering perspectives for young Europeans
  • Expanding binational relationships
  • Europe grows together


dialoge SBL GmbH is official project leader and...

  • undertakes the recruitment and selection of interested participants
  • offers considerable information about practices and training opportunities in Germany
  • conveys expediently practical German language knowledge
  • helps participants with affairs with authorities
  • supports participants with current concerns and needs

dialoge accompanies the participants on their way beginning with the first German lesson up to the successful completion of the 3-years-training. dialoge  stays in close contact with participants, training workplace, and vocational school.

Target Group
Young Europeans who want to complete a dual vocational eucation.
Companies that have a lack of trainees.
Project Start
January 2015 for 60 participants
January 2016 for 30 participants
Project length: about 3,5 years from the project start.

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