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Virtual Learning Platform: A Step By Step Guide

Step 1:

It only takes 5 minutes to set up


Start your computer and plug in your headset (USB port). Please plug in your headset before starting Vitero!

Use the invitation e-mail to download Vitero.

You can also download Vitero via the following links::

Download Vitero for Windows:
Download Vitero for Apple Mac:

After sucessfully installing Vitero on your computer the Vitero-Symbol  appears on your desktop.

Step 2:

Start the program and log on


Start Vitero-Program by double clicking the symbol on your desktop. The logon window will be displayed.

Enter user name (Benutzername) and password (Passwort) according to your invitation e-mail.

Leave the box "Sitzungscode" blank. Click "OK".

The window "Gruppenraumauswahl" will be displayed.

Step 3:

Select room

When using Vitero for the first time, please always select "Testraum". Here you can customize the audio settings.

Prior to a scheduled course the respective training room ("Gruppenraum") is highlighted in green (open).

Check our invitation e-mail to make sure you select the right training room.

Step 4:

The virtual training room

This is where we meet for our online training courses. Please provide a picture of yourself that can be used for your avatar in the virtual training room.

Step 5:

Become familiar with our virtual training rooms

At the beginning of each course our trainers will guide through the most important elements of our virtual training rooms and support each participant individually if needed.

Technical Requirements

In order to ensure that our online platform functions properly, the following conditions are required.

Internet or intranet
Good internet or intranet connection (without interruptions; at least DSL speed of 2000 kbit/s or similar connection). We recommend the use of wired connection (ethernet).
System requirements
Windows PC: Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent, sound card, sufficient graphics card, operating system Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Apple Mac: at least Intel Core 2 Duo, sound card, sufficient graphics card
Equipment: Webcam desirable but not mandatory, USB headset (not mandatory for all PCs; however, there may be a loss of quality).

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