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What is close to our hearts

Language and training for everyone

Within the scope of our campaign "Training for Everyone", a part of our income achieved by online courses will be used to fund worldwide education projects. These projects are either selected by us, or we look for projects together with our partner.

Language and training for everyone - be part of it!
What do learning a language and sustainability have in common?  We here at dialoge say it is much more than you might think.

For many people knowledge of foreign languages is the ultimate chance to practice a profession upon which they can build a livelihood – maybe even a little wealth. In the true sense of sustainability, this also makes training, together with its positive consequences, possible for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Regardless of whether these people yearn for further language learning and training opportunities in their home countries, or they have already moved to another country, language, training and sustainable, positive living circumstances are directly linked together for them. As a language institute with over 25 years of experience, we see it in exactly the same way, and want to encourage that more strongly in the future. Therefore, dialoge launched a sustainability campaign in December 2016 called “Training for everyone - be part of it!"

What’s behind all this? Our new online courses are, in our view, the key to providing even more people with access to languages. They can take place wherever there is an internet connection. No one needs a train or plane ticket to a faraway country. Even the journey to the language school will become obsolete. Your carbon footprint thanks you.

Sustainability means more to us than just being environmentally friendly, because we have made many small steps over the years - key word: recycling paper. Sustainability is of great importance for us. Therefore, a share of our income from online courses goes to our campaign for a training project across the world. Either we ourselves, our partners, or together with our partners choose the project.

Anyone who supports our campaign can become a partner and thus fellow decision maker for training projects worthy of a grant – for example using a link on our website. It does not cost anything to be a partner. You can even make a name for yourself as an advocator of sustainable commitments in the training sector. We would be happy to discuss further details of a partnership with you personally.

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