Social Engagement

December 2019: We were in the middle of planning the Christmas party for our students and we spontaneously decided that our school; besides the mediation of language and education, should also be a platform for a good cause. What was closer for us as an educational institution than supporting another educational institution? The New Heart Foundation is a donation that supports deprived children. Because this is for sure: the youth from today is our future.

So that was our choice: to support and cooperate with the New Heart Foundation in Kenya, Africa. The donations mission is the well, the education and cultivation of deprived children in Malindi at the East Coast of Kenya. Julia Steiner, board member and manager of one of our most important partner agencies puts us up to the donation, originally a project of two Italian ladies.

We’re glad to announce that since 1st Jan. 2020 the Dialoge language school donates a part of the fee from each booked intensive course week to the New Heart Foundation.

New Heart Foundation, Kenya

New Heart has its origins in two Italian ladies who stayed for holidays in Malindi at the East Coast of Kenya. There they became aware of the local living conditions. Quickly they decided to buy a piece of land and to build a residential home there with an associated school for some of the children.

Bit by bit they collected money for their project at dinners, fund-raisers and events. In Julia Steiner, manager of a travel agency in French Switzerland, they found another fellow campaigner. Julia also knew about the suffering children in Malindi and together finally they planned the foundation.

The New Heart Foundation was born.