Co-operations and Accreditations

There is barely anything more important in life than having reliable partners. That applies for the private as well as the business sector. We are very proud of our new but also longtime and proven partnerships:


IALC – accredited language schools all over the world

For nearly 35 years, IALC has been an international non-profit organization which accredits language centers teaching their national language. IALC accredited language schools not only provide extraordinary course standards and services but also have their own individual character and are closely connected with their local community.

All IALC schools provide quality management and an individual arrangement of classes on a guaranteed high professional level as well as personal support for every student for an ideal learning experience. IALC language schools also provide an effective language instruction for persons who want to learn and experience a language in its cultural context. The schools not only provide instruction lessons, but their portfolio includes also accommodation and cultural activities for all kind of learners – students, employees or travelers who wants to learn a language in their spare time.

All IALC language schools are fully accredited and belong to the worldwide best. Wherever you spot the IALC logo you can be sure to get extraordinary language courses and an outstanding service.


FDSV – certified quality

The most important requirement for the success of a language trip is the quality. For this reason, the scientific advisory council of the professional association of German language schools and language travel organizers reviews catalogs and websites of the FDSV members frequently. It also examines the offers through on-site inspections. The frequent examination is intended to guarantee the compliance of all FDSV quality standards and the specifications of the European language travel rule DIN EN 14804. Already over 1.000 school examinations have taken place. The advisory council is independent and only committed to the quality standards of the FDSV.

The FDSV logo is only provided to schools who fulfill all requirements of the FDSV standards and the European language travel rule DIN EN 14804.



The target of FaDaF is to promote learning the German language and thereby support intercultural encounters. It especially supports the understanding of foreign cultures. Further objectives are to support people abroad who want to study the German language in Germany, the support of the issues of DaF and DaZ as well as the support of people or institutions which work in this context. Also the support of training and retraining of teachers and the scientific trainees are part of the FaDaF responsibilities.


for a guaranteed and approved language certification

Governmentally financed program for Swedish course participants

Netzwerk Fortbildung BW
IHK Lindau (the new network post-corona)
for inspiration, enhancements, quality management and staying up to date

Triple A
for our long term students who want to establish first contacts into the business world

Code of Conduct by DRV
Code of conduct for online-marketing, developed from the German travelling union