10 reasons for choosing Dialoge



The intensive learning in small groups enables rapid learning progress in a short time. On the basis of a placement test, Dialoge forms groups that are as homogeneous as possible for a balanced class language level. This also increases learning efficiency.



Our team of teachers has more than 30 years of teaching experience and has a wide range of additional qualifications. Thanks to numerous stays abroad, our international team can put itself in our students position ensuring mutual understanding of difficulties and a valuable feel-good factor.



In addition to our internal school certificate, our students also have the opportunity to acquire the Telc and TestDaF certificates officially recognized by universities and authorities for all levels (A0 – C2).


Diversity and flexibility

Dialoge offers a variety of language courses for young and old all year round. Depending on the language level and the situation of the student, we recommend appropriate short and long-term programs. We offer suitable courses for students at school or university, working people and individual learners who want to learn the German language at a deep level. Whether you are a newcomer or advanced, we will find the right course for everyone.


Family atmosphere

Learn well and relaxed in a pleasant atmosphere. That is why it was very important to Dialoge from the beginning to create a cozy environment for students in our brightly designed rooms together with friendly and open people.


Host families, student accommodation and studios

Dialoge is flexible regarding accommodation. We work with a large pool of sincere and cosmopolitan host families who look forward to our international students and have a lot of interest in their culture. At the same time, you have the opportunity to apply what you‘ve learned directly in practice. But also learners who would like to live with other students or alone will be accomodated in our student accommodations and studios.



Dialoge is an internationally recognized and certified language school. Our membership in the associations IALC, FDSV and FaDaf stands for quality and customer-oriented further development.



Our students come from all over the world. Up to 100 nationalities a year ensure a motley mix in our classes. This offers the opportunity to establish friendships and relationships outside of the classroom, which often persist long after the language course at Dialoge and the stay in Lindau.



Lindau is a unique location – at Dialoge students learn German in the heart of the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Lindau is located in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and with Lake Constance and mountains, nature, sport and culture … Lindau is hard to beat in terms of recreational value.


Short distances

Everything is easily accessable; not just the language school, but also the accommodation and the multiplicity for leisure activities – restaurants, beer gardens, bars, shopping and sports. Often by foot or by public transport is the only transportation required.