Youth courses

Summer school (full-time)

This German language course is suitable for young participants who wants to enhance their German skills for their regular school with a peer group and plenty of fun.

Besides the basic skills reading, listening, writing and speaking our teachers also include grammar and vocabulary for a better student speech comprehension by playful learning. That way German as a foreign language will be much easier for children and teenagers after the return to their regular school in their home country.

After an entry-level test, the participants will be grouped in suitable classes (level A1 – B2) with an average size of 8 students. The course takes place from Monday to Friday morning and on two afternoons per week.

A diversified leisure program completes the course program. Students will enjoy a mixture out of sporty, cultural, creative and social activities. Special highlights are some half-day or full-day trips into the near and broader surroundings.

Where others are spending their holidays our young students learn the German language and are having a lot of fun. In this international mixed environment they often create memories and form friendships that lasts for decades.

Price per week (1-4 weeks)

Host family990 €
Youth guest house960 €

Price per week (5 - 6 weeks)

Host family950 €
Youth guest house920 €

Price per week (no accommodation)

680 €

Course Dates

Residential accommodation

  • 2 weeks starting 25.06.2023 / 09.07.2023 / 23.07.2023
  • 4 weeks starting 25.06.2023 / 09.07.2023
  • 6 weeks starting 25.06.2023

Host family accommodation

  • 25.06.2023 / 02.07.2023 / 09.07.2023 /16.07.2023 /
    23.07.2023 (1 – 6 weeks possible)


  • Starting date for complete beginners: 25.06.2023 / 09.07.2023
  • Vegan, lactose or glutenfree diets: + 30 € per week


  • Course material
  • Accommodation and full board
  • Leisure program (travel and entry expenses inclusive)
  • Dialoge certificate


  • Min. 5 students / class
  • Max. 12 students / class
  • Lessons: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Mon to Fri)
    + 2 afternoons 2 p.m. – 4.15 p.m.
  • 25 lessons / per week
  • Level A1 – B2
  • Age 14 to 17 years (exceptions on request)